Liturgical Dance

Liturgical Dance

  • Is a non verbal expression of emotions, thoughts and feelings to others, or even to oneself
  • Liturgical dance uses a language of worship, with which the dancer uses movement to communicate with God
  • Through this experience, the dancer is ushering the Holy Spirit into a sacred place, whether it is a sanctuary or banquet hall.
  • The responsibility of a liturgical dancer is not to entertain, but to bring the congregation into worship, to encourage them, and to direct them towards God.

In the performance world, we hear the motto,
“The show must go on!”

but as liturgical dancers, our motto is,
“God’s truth must get through”

Dance Meetings:

  • Friday at 5pm (juniors & seniors)
  • Mondays/Wednesdays at 5pm (seniors)

Contact:  Sylvia Prime