If you are interested to join the team please contact Fr Bongi, the parish priest. As part of the team all Sacristans are trained and helped with the names of all the vessels that are used during Mass, where they are kept and how to tidy up and pack away after Mass.

What commitment is required

A Sacristan needs to advise what Mass they would like to help (ie. a week day Mass or a Mass at the weekend).
The Sacristan should arrive at least 30 mins before the start of Mass and layout all the required vessels and vestments as stated below. At the conclusion of Mass the Sacristan is responsible for storing away these vessels and vestments in their allocated places.

Sacristan Tasks

Washing and Laundry

Most of the Lavabo cloths, Corporals, Purificators are washed by Mary Petersen.

Weekly Tasks

  • Check that we have enough Hosts
  • Confirm that there are enough candles – Altar candles, Votive candles, Advent Wreath candles, Christmas and Easter candles
  • Change the Holy water
  • Check that all Altar linen, Altar Boy table cloths, Credence table cloths,
    Offertory table cloths and small Chapel table cloths
  • Check that there is Insence
  • Check the Priests Chasubles and Stoles that  need cleaning
  • Wash the Chalices weekly
  • Change the Altar cloth
  • Prepare for First Holy Communion, Confirmation, Christmas, Pentecost, Lent
    and Easter (which is huge and entails many hours of work)

Setting up for Mass

  • The Sacristan is required to check the Credence table, Lectern and Offertory table that all the necessary vessels are in place
  • Light candles on Altar
  • Fill small glass jug with water and place a Lavabo cloth over bowl and place it on Credence table.

For Communion under One Kind

  • Take Chalice and Paten from the room in Sacristy
  • Place Purificator over Chalice
  • Place Paten on cloth and place 1 large Host on Paten
  • Cover with a Pall and Chalice Veil (of the correct colour, different Veils for
    different seasons)
  • Put Corporal in Bursa (same colour as Chalice Veil) and put on top of Chalice Veil and put on Altar server’s table
  • Fill small glass jug with water, place on silver tray and put on Credence table.

Communion under both Kinds

  • as above Plus
  • Take a 2nd and 3rd Chalice from the room in Sacristy
  • Put Purificators over each Chalice and a Pall on each Purificator
  • 1 large Host are placed on Paten of 1st Chalice
  • Pour wine into extra Chalices and place on the Credence table
  • Place the Tabernacle Key on the shelf in front of the Tabernacle

Prepare Offertory Gifts

  • Fill Cruet with wine- note that for weekday Masses (and upon request from the
    Celebrant/s) place a Fill Cruet with wine- note that for weekday Masses (and upon request from the n additionally chalice on the Credence table.
  • Take Paten from the room in the Sacristy and fill with Hosts from relevant
    container marked for that Mass
  • The wine and Hosts are placed on Offertory table at back of Church and covered


  • Place the Missal on the the Altar
  • Place the Lectionary on the Lectern, both open at the appropriate pages
  • Hymn Books and notices are placed on the Altar.

Lay out Celebrant's Vestments

The Sacristans must lay out celebrant’s vestments in Michael’s room  in the following order:

  • The Chasuble
  • The Stole
  • The Cincture
  • The Alb
  • and lastly the Amice

For weekday Masses or at the Celebrant’s request the vestments are placed in the Sacristy as follows:

  • The Chasuble
  • The Stole
  • The Cincture
  • The Alb
  • and lastly the Amice