Upcoming PPC nominations and elections

Upcoming PPC nominations and elections

15 July 2022

Synod Exhortation and Flyer for PPC Nominations

Dear Bishops, Fathers, Reverend Deacons, and PPC Chairpersons Synod Exhortation

At the Mass for the closing of the diocesan phase of the synod on 25 June 2022, Archbishop Stephen handed over an exhortation which he asked to be published in every parish. Those parishes represented at the Mass will have received their laminated A3 poster. There are posters for every Mass centre in the Archdiocese, and communities which are predominantly Xhosa-speaking have been given posters in isiXhosa and English.

If your parish or Mass centre has not yet received a laminated A3 poster of the Archbishop’s synod exhortation, please make arrangements to pick up your copy or copies from Coral Fisher at the Chancery. You find a digital copy of the exhortation for you to publish on your website and Facebook page, or send out via WhatsApp and email, at the following link: https://adct.org.za/synod-2021-2023/

Parish Pastoral Council Nominations

As you know most parishes are currently busy with nominations for the parish pastoral council elections or will be starting soon. To help with this process we have designed a flyer and a poster which can be printed out and distributed in your parish or sent out via social media, to help parishioners understand where the nomination process is headed. Please see these attached to this communication. These are in colour and black and white, to take into account printing needs. There are smaller files and bigger files, depending on whether you wish to print in high resolution or send out via email and social media.

Just a reminder of the proposed timeline for PPC Elections this year:

June – July:                            

Period of educating parishioners about parish leadership

Middle to end of July:             

Nomination process in parishes August – September:                                             

Publishing of nominations in parishes 

Beginning of October:                                             

Parish Pastoral Council Elections

Middle to end of October:      First PPC Meetings to elect office-bearers 

5 November:   APC Meeting for all new PPC Chairpersons

Best wishes for this process in your parishes. In Christ,

Fr Zane Godwin

Episcopal Vicar for Pastoral Development – Archdiocese of Cape Town fr.zane@adct.org.za